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Art of the Garden

Art of the Garden is an innovative business with 20 years of experience in Architectural Design of Exterior and Interior Spaces.

Driven by our respect to nature, our city’s need of color, a better quality of life and cleaner air we undertake the Planning, Construction and Maintenance of public and private landscaping projects, implementing organic solutions in every problem that may arise.

If you want your living or working space to represent your personality, give it your character. Our goal is through our every project to fulfill your needs in the maximum level. Our services, give value to your personal and professional choices.


Our activities include:

  • Study of architectural design
  • Construction-planting of indoor and outdoor gardens, roof gardens, vertical gardens, hotel garden gardens, parks, public professional and sports facilities.
  • Lawn installation (ready and sowed).
  • Installation of automatic irrigation networks in professional, athletic, public, private and public spaces.
  • Installation of electric lighting.
  • Garden and network maintenance.

We produce specialized studies such as:

  • Environmental licensing of projects and activities of all categories.
  • Forestry Studies.
  • Environmental studies (such as Industrial activities, hotel units, etc.)
  • Environmental Rehabilitation Studies, Upgrading – Quarry Rehabilitation, Landscape Restoration, Plant Surveys, Plant Restoration of Degraded Areas after completion of infrastructure projects.